About us

We are specialized in providing video and audio services on the Internet, Intranet and in mobile networks. As one of the few companies in the Czech Republic we are also specialized in the progressive technology of web streaming. This technology is used for live broadcasts over the Internet, especially from congresses, cultural performances, trainings and sporting and social events.

We are able to provide global services for live broadcast, from camcorders, illuminating and sound engineering to final video treatment by editing and subtitling. We also offer additional services by creating internet presentations with embedded video browsers which can be adapted to company’s design or an event’s needs. We can assure internet advertising to support live feeds ratings.

Within the scope of these technologies we also carry out live streaming from camcorders, which is used mainly for the area surveillance from high-rise buildings, during fairs and exhibitions and in building industry to monitor work-in-process constructions.

Besides live broadcasts we also provide recordings, video digitizing and processing for web presentations and hosting of digital audio and video records.

Lately we also provide services in analysis and video solution proposal, schoolings and project consultations.

We are authorized Microsoft Windows Media service provider.

Moreover we support many social, cultural and sporting projects.
Among them is for example: